Brahman breeder’s motto is to make every day hump day


by Samantha Townsend

When in Brahman country you must try hump, it’s the new rump.

Brahman hump meat is the new meat craze being dished up on menus in central Queensland — and meat lovers can’t get enough.

While Brahman breeders have always known about the quality and unique flavours of the hump meat, they want to share it with the rest of the nation.

They also want to shed the perception that Brahman meat is ‘tough as boots’ and only used for export markets.

“The hump is such a special cut of meat there is no other like it,” Fiona Noakes from The Smokin’ Yak said.

Mrs Noakes, a second-generation Brahman breeder at Marlborough north of Rockhampton in Queensland, along with husband Matthew and business partners Gary, Sharon and Alison Polkinghorne established The Smokin’ Yak to promote the breed and expand their farming business.

“We trade as The Smokin’ Yak, smoking referring to the style of cooking and Yak being a bit of a colloquial slang term used in these parts for Brahman cattle,” Mrs Noakes said.

They cooked the hump as a ‘gimmick’ two years ago at a food and wine festival with Mrs Noakes saying they were overwhelmed by the response.

“We had a lot of people comment it was the best meat they had tried, even from bush people who live on meat,” she said.

“In the past it’s been used as ground beef but we want to let people know it’s a quality product.”

Now they showcase the meat in their mobile food van business cooking 300 kilograms in Texas barbecues.

All they do is rub it with salt and pepper then cook for eight hours on a temperature of 130 degrees celcius.

“The raw product of a hump is highly marbled and if sliced to cook it’s tough as an old boot,” Mrs Noakes said.

“But if you cook it slowly over time it renders down and becomes moist and tender with a unique beef flavour that people are loving.”

The Smokin’ Yak team now wants to expand the business and is in talks with processors to package a cooked hump product that can be reheated and distributed across the nation.

“We love being Brahman breeders and we want to get the message out about how good the meat is,” Mrs Noakes said.

The Smokin’ Yak will host the second annual Brahman hump barbecue competition on May 28 at the CQ Mega Expo in Rockhampton.

Photos: Supplied by The Smokin’ Yak