Dairy co-operative Norco set to tell their story on coffee cups


by Samantha Townsend

Next time you buy a takeaway coffee it will not only name the origin of the beans but also the brand of the milk used.

With a growing thirst to know where produce comes from, Norco, the country’s oldest dairy co-operative still in Australian hands, wants to expand its brand to be shown on the side of a coffee cup.

“The average cup of coffee is made up of 25 per cent coffee with the rest milk,” Norco CEO Brett Kelly said.

“Coffee manufacturers talk about the origin of the beans and the quality but nothing is usually said about the milk.”

Mr Kelly said Norco wanted to tell the story of the 122-year-old farmer-owned co-operative and was currently in talks with coffee manufacturers to get their brand on the side of the coffee cups so when people bought a cup of coffee they would know where their milk came from.

In a month Mr Kelly said Norco would announce its partnership with the coffee manufacturer so they can further promote the Norco brand.

“The coffee market in Australia is huge,” he said.

“No one has our story, our brand and what we stand for and I want to share our story with coffee drinkers.”

Norco dairy farmer Ken Wadsworth at Coorabell NSW. Photo by Norco.

Norco started from humble beginnings where dairy farmers transported milk by horse and cart to its depot in Byron Bay, now it’s a multi-million dollar business with more than 200 dairy farmers located throughout NSW and Queensland. It also now exports milk to China.

Last year when the nation’s dairy farmers battled to complete against $1/litre milk wars, demand for Norco soared as it was a farmer-owned brand.

“More and more consumers support farmers brands and more want to learn about the brand,” Mr Kelly said.

“We are in a good position in the market to demonstrate that.”